Morgan Hobbs

b. 1988, Kansas City, Missouri


Terror Management Theory states that "humans respond to the fear of an insignificant life and impending death by seeking to confirm self-importance and cultural significance". Subsuming oneself within culture creates a distraction from the meaninglessness of a short, personal existence. These ideas manifest in my paintings and sculptures that hover uncomfortably between possible descriptions with conflicting or incongruent visual information. The works often depict existential threats in ever-changing, unstable, natural and political environments. 


More broadly, I’m interested in the ways in which we understand ourselves through the creation and consumption of visual arts. My studio work has been enriched by concurrent interests in social science concepts since my undergraduate studies in art and anthropology at the University of Central Missouri. In 2015, I graduated with my Masters of Fine Art from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. I paint, draw, sculpt, curate, administrate and teach within three energetic arts organizations in Philadelphia. My work has been collected and exhibited regionally and nationally. I’m represented by VSOP projects in New York.